Secondary Data Portal

The Secondary Data Portal provides tools for individuals and organizations conducting water quality monitoring in Indiana to share their data with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) Office of Water Quality (OWQ). 

Who Should Use the Portal?

The portal is intended for individuals and organizations interested in sharing their data through External Data Framework (EDF) and those that are conducting water quality monitoring under an OWQ Nonpoint Source (NPS) Program grant agreement.

Those conducting volunteer monitoring through the Hoosier Riverwatch Program and the Indiana Clean Lakes Program do not need to use the tools provided here to participate in the EDF. Based on OWQ’s relationship with these programs, volunteers that submit their monitoring results through Hoosier Riverwatch and/or the Clean Lakes Program can be confident that their data will be automatically considered by OWQ for the potential uses described in the EDF.

Volunteers having completed Hoosier Riverwatch training are encouraged to instead enter their stream water quality data directly into the Hoosier Riverwatch database online. Likewise, Indiana Clean Lakes Program volunteers should continue to enter the data they collect into the Clean Lakes Program database.

Selecting the Best Option for Data Submittal

The portal provides a three ways to share your data with OWQ:

  • Online data entry – The best option for smaller or simpler data sets with relatively few sites, results, and/or parameters.
  • Downloadable Microsoft Excel Template – Better for larger and/or more complex data sets and required for most NPS Program grant-funded projects.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – A good option for organizations with ongoing monitoring programs that provide large and/or complex data sets with some regularity.




Please contact the Secondary Data Coordinator with any questions about sharing your water quality data with IDEM’s Office of Water Quality through this portal. If you are monitoring as part of a NPS Program grant project, please contact the Secondary Data Quality Assurance Manager with any questions regarding your options for data submittal.

Phone: (317) 308-3081
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